We are a niche environmental consultancy specialising in the preparation of upstream petroleum environmental approvals, compliance auditing and on-ground environmental management.


About Aventus Consulting


Aventus was established in 2009 and is based in Melbourne, Victoria. It is a niche environmental consultancy specialising in the preparation of upstream petroleum environmental approvals, compliance auditing and on-ground environmental management.


For many of Australia’s junior and mid-cap oil and gas explorers and producers, who cannot sustain a specialist staff-based environmental team for the larger operators requiring additional assistance, hiring Aventus presents the perfect solution for short-term requirements. Aventus is available for field assignment, in-house support, short-term or long-term project support.




Aventus puts the ‘E’ back into HSE!


In an industry heavily focused on the management of safety, it is all too common to find that health, safety and environment (HSE) professionals lack knowledge of the industry’s specific and ever-changing environmental requirements (research, practical or regulatory). Not only can this have environmental implications on the ground, it can also have serious impacts on an operator’s reputation, from a public and regulatory viewpoint, and potentially financially through fines issued for non-compliance or delays in obtaining project approvals.


Strict and ever-changing environmental legislation, regulations, policies and guidelines in the Commonwealth and State jurisdictions make obtaining approvals and complying with conditions on the ground increasingly difficult. While community expectations for high quality and transparent environmental management practices increases, so too does the demand for energy. Environmental management does not end once an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) document is approved by government. In fact, it’s just the start. Aventus can not only get you to that start line, but we will also guide you through to the finish.


Giulio Pinzone

Director & Principal Environmental Consultant

Giulio has 17 years experience in environmental impact assessment, specialising in the upstream petroleum industry for the last 15 years. Giulio has worked on staff for a major oil and gas explorer and producer in Western Australia and a junior explorer in Melbourne, along with many years of experience consulting to a wide range of upstream petroleum and pipeline companies. Giulio is a qualified Lead Auditor in the EMS Auditor Scheme (Exemplar Global) and has undertaken over 50 environmental compliance audits. This includes auditing onshore and offshore drilling rigs, onshore pipeline construction and operations, offshore pipelay and onshore and offshore production operations.


Giulio prides himself on developing good working relationships with stakeholders, including government regulators, and understanding key environmental and resource legislation. He derives a deep sense of job satisfaction in obtaining timely project approvals for his clients and values spending time in the field (e.g., auditing and site visits) to continually expand his industry knowledge and expertise.

Siobhan Mulvahil

Marketing Manager

With over 15 years as a Marketing Manager in both niche and general business environments, Siobhan brings a varied skill set to Aventus Consulting. With a sound understanding of best marketing practices in both B2B and B2C, Siobhan is a great asset to the Aventus Consulting team .


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